Scott Bader has always been committed to protecting the environment.

As far back as the early 1950s, Ernest Bader was already promoting the idea of optimizing the use of natural resources in manufacturing products. Today, Scott Bader:

  • continues to research and develop products with increasing natural feedstock content
  • strives to reduce energy consumption per tonne of product produced across all our sites
  • is committed to achieving a 15% energy consumption reduction by 2020.

Our Sustainability Team regularly reports back to the Group Executive Team on their progress. And we routinely assess our R&D projects and collaborations against a set of criteria so that we can rank them in terms of sustainability.

Over 30 of our current projects have a strong environmental basis including:

  • Low VOC emission. We launched the industry leading Ecogel − a low styrene gel coat
  • Waste elimination. We expect to achieve this via the application of new technology
  • Recycling and other end-of-life recovery especially for composite materials
  • Products for metal replacement to reduce weight e.g. for rail rolling stock, saving fuel and transport costs
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